Located in the Hutt Valley NZ, Footpath Productions was initially established in 2006 as Footpath Films by Writer-Producer Barry Carter for the production of his first short Prey, which screened at the 2008 Big Mountain Film Festival.

Barry is currently in search of an agent to sell his latest feature script, which is based on the true story of two British children who trek thru Burma behind the advancing Japanese invasion in 1942 to search for their parents.

In the meantime, Footpath Productions produces performance videos, documentaries, and other video projects.


ANECDOTE: Barry is also a qualified recording engineer and remembers once working as an assistant at L A East Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had converted an old church into a studio where they recorded orchestral film and TV scores, as well as ‘news stingers’, and local acts. One day while setting up to record the soundtrack for an episode of the TV series Touched by an Angel, he had the ‘once in a lifetime’ privilege of meeting music legends BB King, Dr. John, Al Jarreau, trumpeter Al Hirt, and Gospel/Jazz diva Della Reese, who hosted the series. While setting up the mics on the drum kit, BB walked up to him, extended a hand and said, “Hi, I’m B B.” Barry still hasn’t washed that hand :-). After one of the takes with Dr. John, ‘Doc’ asked Della, “Was that alright?” to which she replied, “That was so funky, we had to open the windas”, but being the control room there, of course, weren’t any to open.