Still Missing [short film]

[15:13]  This short film looks at the predicament of when a person (usually a woman) goes missing and is never found. Such cases are never closed and the person is listed as – Still Missing. This story looks at one possibility from a sister’s POV of what could have happened to a woman who goes missing without a trace.

Anna [Melissa Reeve] is searching for her missing twin sister, Vanessa, and accepts a ride from Phil [Roy McGuinness], an acquaintance of theirs, only to learn that she should have listened to that ‘little voice within’. Phil does not take her home, but to his ‘lair’ where she learns the shocking truth of what really happened to Vanessa. Strangers are not the only people we should fear.

Trailer [1:01]  Editor: Barry Carter

A familiar genre from a new angle.

Complete Film | Writer  Producer  Director  Editor  Composer: Barry Carter