In this short movie, we learn that it is not only strangers whom we shouldn’t trust.

Anna [Melissa Reeve] is always on the lookout for clues about her missing sister, Vanessa. When she runs into Phil [Roy McGuinness], an acquaintance of theirs, her investigation takes an unexpected turn, when she learns the consequences of not listening to her intuition.

Writer-Producer-Director-Editor-Composer: Barry Carter

This is the second short film Barry made and the fourth of his scripts to be produced into a film. The premise is an extension of his first film Prey, and although he got lots of help from many friends it is worth noting that he undertook all the major roles himself: Writer, Producer, Director, DOP, Production Manager, First AD, Casting director, Locations scout/manager – plus the entire Post Production process: Editor, Composer, Sound Design-Editing and Mixing, Grading, Graphics, etc. as well as financing it on a ‘shoestring’ budget.

A familiar genre from a new angle.