Laura Collins & the Back Porch Blues Band

[performance video]

This video is an example of a two camera / GoPro set up, with the sound recorded to a 24 track interface, and mixed in post-production. It is one of three videos from a concert at VK’s in Wellington May 2016.

It is a great example of the heart & soul that Laura and her band put into their concerts. Here Laura and keyboardist Wayne Mason, from the legendary NZ 60’s band The Fourmyula, do a great version of the Leiber & Stoller classic Hound Dog, using the original lyrics, which Leiber & Stoller wrote specifically for Big Mama Thornton on the way to a meeting with her. The rest of the band are George Barris bass, John O’Connor guitar, Pete Cogswell percussion.

[Example of a low budget Performance Video using 2 cameras & a GoPro.]